- You're good at this.

- I've got moves you've never seen.

Trust breeds trust. You have to give it to get it.

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A sense of appreciation || Casey & Jac


If his sense of time served him correctly, he had been at the motel a total of an hour. The entire time he had been checking on his own, making sure the two women he brought were left without a single scratch. Most people would have stopped and thanked the person who allowed them in, but with his arrival - that wasn’t on his mind. He was aware that it made him seem like an ungrateful jerk - he intended on fixing that, though. 

Casey walked out of the room he shared with Kenzi, his eyes cautiously scanning his surroundings. The hallway was cleared of people, but he knew there were others around. He shut the door behind him and sighed, making his way down the outside corridor. Being out in the open wasn’t something he particularly wanted to do, not after the attack took place. He felt vulnerable and he expected a bullet to come flying in his direction - it never did. 

The staircase soon came into his sight as he turned the corner of the building. Who he had been looking for the entire time was standing on the first step. He knew it was her, he caught a small glimpse of her when he first arrived - the clothing was the same. Casey walked over and stood beside her, as he placed his hands into the pockets of his jeans. He looked to the side, quirking his brow when he finally saw exactly who she was. 

He knew her. It didn’t exactly register how he knew her, but he was certain that he did. “Thanks for doing what you did.” He spoke, his tone soft. Most people wouldn’t have let newcomers in, they’d rather have them go about in the world than to keep them safe. “I appreciate it.” He quickly added. 

It hadn’t ever really occurred to Jac that they would be taking people in so quickly, and certainly not at the rate that they had seemed to be flooding in on threw the front gates. A tiny suggestion she had made—that was it—and look what it had turned into. To be honest, she was starting to wonder about her husband’s true intentions and whether or not she should keep an eye on the various activities that had been going on around the Motel as of late since he started this whole fortress of solitude.

But, it was really neither here nor there. Whatever he was doing, even if she found out, it’s not like she could do much to control or stop him.

Christian’s entire existence had a mind of it’s own.

Jac slipped the dulled edge of a ball point pen against the metal railing she lent against alongside a flight of several stairs that lead down one more story as she chewed on the filtered end of a cigarette she had snagged from Christian earlier on in the day. It was rather slow. Things were starting to look a little more steady at the Motel and because of that she kept her distance from him due to her own personal reasons.

Christian wasn’t always the friendliest unless he was fully occupied.

Her eye’s shot up from where she was when she heard a seemingly familiar and also unfamiliar voice call out from beside her, and she shifted herself against the railing to look up at the taller male standing nearby. Jac’s brows furrowed in confusion. She hadn’t really expected anyone to thank her for something she had done. At least not for something as tiny as a little bit of shelter. But I guess for many people in the apocalypse a little goes quite the distance, “uhm—you’re welcome,” she finally returned after moments of silence, “did you guys need something?”

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SEED- Christian & Jac


Putting some spare weapons into his holster, Christian nimbly swooped for the flashlight that Jac had thrown. 

He wiped the brim of it with his shirt, and raised his eyebrows at her suggestive grin. 
“…..Mm,” He narrowed his eyes, and responded with a grimace. “on second thought, I think I’m claustrophobic.” 
The two traveled down the hall, and Christian paused to observe a glass framed map to see where the basement was located. 

“Okay,” he started. “so like I said, electricity isn’t guaranteed— But I’m pretty sure this building might have a diesel generator. If we just find fuel for that, we can last ourselves for up to a month.” 

Raising her brows at his response, Jac felt herself reflexively begin to chew on the inner part of her bottom lip as she turned away from him to grab at the handgun she’d tossed onto the nightstand nearside the bed, and pulled the hammer back to release a bullet into the once empty chamber after pulling the safety free, “whatever you say,” she returned rather bitterly and faced him as she gave him a once over and shrugged a shoulder to walk past him.

The sooner they got this done the sooner she could stop thinking.

Jac moved around him before tugging the front door open, and stepped outside just in time to come face-to-face with a straggling zombie. A sigh escaped her chest as she glanced over her shoulder to see where Christian was, and returned her attention to the weak, deteriorating walker. She didn’t even care to bother with it, and instead—placed the palm of her hand into it’s chest to shove it back, and planted a bullet in the center of it’s forehead as she walked on by, “usually the generators are somewhere in the lobby basement. Or it’s on the roof,” she finished in second thought and turned around to stop in front of him, “two places. Wanna split up or do you really think I’m in that much of a need for a knight in shining armor? Not that you’ve ever really been a good one.”

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